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  • Steelcase AP40 Solutions TKTS30822 CHAIR-CREW,TASK,SEAT DEPTH, HGT/WD ADJ T-ARMS TKTS30822
  • Steelcase Turnstone 1.0 TS121KBS TS KEYBOARD SHELF-PULL OUT, 10-3/4X20-1/4X2-3/4 TS121KBS
  • Steelcase Seating 434110S CHAIR-COBI,SWIVEL BASE,ARMLESS,SEWN 434110S
  • Steelcase Architectural Solutions GPGSM2FK108 PANEL-WALL,GLASS,2 TRAN ALIGN LT,FRAME KIT,MOD,108W GPGSM2FK108
  • Nurture by Steelcase TS5TLD23060 DESK-DOUBLE PED,30X60 TS5TLD23060
  • Steelcase Seating 466160MT CHAIR-REPLY,ARMLESS,MESH 466160MT
  • Steelcase Seating 416911 CHAIR-I2I,LOUNGE,SEWN 416911
  • Steelcase Wood Elective Elements 6 CQVH30 HARNESS-MODULAR,30L CQVH30
  • Steelcase Unison BT26 BASE-T,26"W BT26


Our brands offer a comprehensive portfolio of workplace products, furnishings and services, inspired by over 100 years of insight gained serving the world’s leading organizations.

We are globally accessible through a network of channels, including over 650 dealers. We design for social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Steelcase is a global, publicly traded company leading our industry with fiscal 2012 revenue of approximately $2.75 billion and nearly 10,000 employees around the world. The leadership team is based at the global headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Steelcase Promo: Bad Office Connections

This is a video that we did for Steelcase Inc, a furniture manufacturer based in Michigan to illustrate "bad connections" in the office.

"This video shows some common problems people have when spaces fail to connect people to their tools and information."

Steelcase CEO Jim Hackett

Steelcase today launches a year-long celebration of its 100th anniversary, and its reinvention as a globally integrated enterprise, focused on the future of work. Known as the long-time leader of the office furniture industry, the company has thrived for a century not only because of its products and manufacturing strength, but because of its core commitment to people at work and its human-centered approach to innovation and design.

"From the start, our company has been about more than furniture," said James Hackett, CEO of Steelcase Inc. "We have always focused on people and what people can do. Companies don't survive for a century -- ideas do. So as we turn 100 years old we want to take this opportunity to look out into the future and see all the things that make us optimistic. We see a future full of limitless possibilities."

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