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  • Woodford RHY1-MS Woodford Freezeless Roof Hydrant - Model RHY1-MS, RHY1-MS RHY1-MS
  • Woodford 75 Woodford - Model 75, 75 75
  • Woodford RHY2-MS Woodford Freezeless Roof Hydrant - Model RHY2-MS, RHY2-MS RHY2-MS
  • Woodford B24P-3_4 Woodford Mild Climate - Model B24, B24-3/4" B24P-3_4
  • Woodford 65C-12 Woodford - Model 65C, 65C-12 65C-12
  • Woodford B26P-3_4 Woodford Mild Climate - Model B26, B26-3/4" B26P-3_4
  • Woodford RB75 Woodford - Model RB75, RB75 RB75
  • Woodford HCB67-CC Woodford Hot & Cold Mixer - Model HCB67-CC, HCB67-CC HCB67-CC
  • Woodford RB65C-8 Woodford - Model RB65C, RB65C-8 RB65C-8
  • Woodford B75 Woodford - Model B75, B75 B75
  • Woodford 65C-20 Woodford - Model 65C, 65C-20 65C-20
  • Woodford 65P-12 Woodford - Model 65P, 65P-12 65P-12


Outdoor Faucets Made by Woodford – Buy What the Professionals Use

It is a smart decision to buy the outdoor faucet with the unique brown handle that has been the choice of plumbers for years. Eagle Mountain Products is the only official online retailer of Woodford Manufacturing and we sell the full line of outdoor faucets.

We Work Hard to Make Sure You Can Find the Right Outdoor Faucet

We include detailed specifications on each model of outdoor faucets we sell, including the Woodford model 17 faucet. As a service to our customers, Eagle Mountain also provides an extensive on-going collection of step-by-step videos to use as a guide for your do-it-yourself installations and repairs on your faucet.

What is a Woodford Pressure Relief Valve?

Many Woodford Outdoor Faucets or Spigots already use the patented pressure relief valve (PRV), and many more Woodford Faucets produced after 1962 can be upgraded to use the PRV.

This video will demonstrate what happens inside a copper tube when freezing conditions cause trapped water in the tube to freeze. It also shows how the PRV releases built up pressure thereby avoiding damage from burst pipes.

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